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Microbiome Testing and Restoration

Our Microbiome Tests and Supplements can be used separately, or combined, to help improve your pet’s gut and overall health. Here’s how they work together:
1. Collect:Order a Microbiome Test Kit, collect a small stool sample from your pet, and mail the sample back to us (pre-paid envelope provided).
2. Analyze & Report:We extract and sequence DNA from the sample to identify your pet’s gut bacteria. You receive a report in 2-4 weeks via email AND can go online to explore and understand your pet’s results.
3. Restore:Use our Gut Restoration Supplement (a unique fecal microbiota transplant capsule) to replace and rebalance bacteria that are missing and restore pet gut health.
4. Reassess:Retest your pet at the end of each supplement cycle, or if symptoms recur. Compare test results through the online Pet Portal. Supplements may be an ongoing part of your pet’s care, or when medication, diet, age, illness or environment cause troublesome digestive and immunity symptoms.