AnimalBiome products test and restore your pet’s gut health, and are backed by revolutionary science.


We use genetic sequencing to detect bacterial imbalances, identify which groups may be causing problems, and tell you how to fix it. Then, we provide a detailed test report with personalized diet, lifestyle, or supplement recommendations to improve pet gut health.


When a bacterial imbalance is detected, use our Gut Restore Supplement along with our diet and other supplement recommendations to restore balance in the gut. Our science-backed supplements, designed specifically for cats or dogs, introduce an entire community of beneficial bacteria to the gut microbiome.


A pet’s gut microbiome is an ever-changing ecosystem of bacteria that is impacted by factors, including diet, medications (like antibiotics), and the environment. Maintain a healthy gut by retesting the microbiome regularly and using supplements if indicated.

Popular Science
Popular Science
IVC Journal

“Opening up the dashboard and seeing his results was amazing”

“Decode Your Kitty’s Microbiome: How are bacteria affecting our cats?”

Innovative Veterinary Care (IVC) Journal’s 2019 Innovation Award Winner for Gut Health Supplements.

“The importance of the intestinal microbiome to the overall health of animals extends beyond the digestive and immune systems…”

“If your dog has chronic digestive problems (such as persistent diarrhea and/or severe gas), ask your veterinarian about a fecal microbial transplant treatment...”

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