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Your companion’s health and happiness start with a balanced gut microbiome

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Your companion’s health and happiness start with a balanced gut microbiome

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How AnimalBiome Works

  1. 1. Collect: Order an assessment kit, sample your pet, and mail the sample back to us.
  2. 2. Analyze: We extract and sequence DNA from the sample to identify your pet’s gut bacteria.
  3. 3. Assess: You go online to explore, compare and share your pet’s results

Microbiome Assessment Kit

The microbiome plays a vital role in: digestive and immune systems, brain and coat healthy, behavior, and weight managements. Our assessment report can identify imbalances which can remove the guesswork of providing care to your pets.

Microbiome Gut Restoration System

We’ve identified the optimal microbial make-up for healthy cats and dogs. The Gut Restoration System consists of 50 oral capsules, administered twice daily for 25 days. It includes analysis of your pet’s microbiome before and after completing the course of capsules.

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What People Are Saying

“I appreciate the work you are doing and look forward to helping my kitty.”

- Customer, Anza, CA

“This is something new for pets and I want to do all I can to help AnimalBiome succeed.”

- Veterinarian, Berkeley, California.

“Day four of the poo/fecal probiotic pills and we have solid poop, Houston!”

- Customer with an IBD cat in the FMT pill pilot study

Latest News

How to Pick a Probiotic for Your Pet

With so many pet probiotics on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one to give to your cat or dog. Here are some tips to make that decision a bit easier.

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Shelter Cat Struggles with Chronic Diarrhea: Marigold’s Story of Healing

Meet Marigold: From a shelter cat with chronic diarrhea and on a euthanasia list, to present day a happy, healthy and well-loved cat. Fierce love from her person drove a long search for health solutions. This included dietary changes and fecal transplant pills that helped to restore Marigold’s gut health.

Without the community effort of the rescue operation Cat Town, veterinarians, AnimalBiome and most of all her pet parent, Tracy Gondo (who stood by her cat to find a solution that would improve her quality of life); Marigold would not be here today.


Discover Marigold’s story told by her dedicated person, Tracy Gondo.



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