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The potential of fecal transplants

Fecal transplants are regularly featured in the news for their applications in human healthcare, but they don’t have as much traction in the veterinary community. This process moves fecal matter from a healthy individual to the digestive tracts of ailing individuals. Although fecal transplants might sound strange, they are proven effective against certain deadly intestinal infections that are antibiotic-resistant, and they are being tested to treat a wide range of illnesses. How can poop be a cure?

Sometimes the bacteria that inhabit an imbalanced gut aren’t the best at living in the gut and promoting wellness. They may just be survivors; the only ones that were able to withstand antibiotic treatments or an imbalanced diet. When fecal transplants are delivered to the intestine, a large variety of different bacteria are available to re-colonize the depleted gut and restore balance to this ecosystem.

Our assessment for your dog or cat can help you determine if your sick pet has an imbalanced gut. Fecal transplants are growing in popularity as a treatment to restore gut bacteria diversity. At AnimalBiome, we’re currently developing fecal transplant pills from pre-screened donors to make this treatment a little easier to swallow. If your veterinarian does not currently offer fecal transplants, we’re happy to discuss options with your veterinarian about participating in our trials.

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