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Meet the Team

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, AnimalBiome advances pet care through microbiome research and products. The scientists who founded AnimalBiome in 2016 are passionate about pets, and use revolutionary science to improve animal health. Learn more about the dedicated and creative team at AnimalBiome.
Holly Ganz, AnimalBiome Co-Founder
Holly Ganz, PhD

CEO, Microbial Ecologist

LinkedIn Profile

When she's not studying the microbiomes of pets and wild life, Holly can be found roaming the East Bay hillsides with her rescued herding dogs, Yuki, Charlie, and Darwin.

Kari Goodman, AnimalBiome Co-Founder
Kari Goodman, PhD

Data Scientist

LinkedIn Profile

Kari grew up with two beautiful kitties, Mitsi and Alley Cat. She and her family are currently in negotiations to adopt a new fur member into the family.

Kirsten Copren
Kirsten Copren, PhD

Molecular Biologist

LinkedIn Profile

After years analyzing the mouse genome, Kirsten developed a deep appreciation for the intelligence of our rodent pals. She and her family have two sweet and playful domesticated rats, Nibble and Pepsi.

Alexandra Martin
Alexandra Martin, BA

Animal Care Specialist

LinkedIn Profile

Alex shares her home --and office-- with her chihuahua mix, Noodle, who works tirelessly as the Chief Sniffing Officer at AnimalBiome.

Zhandra Entrolezo
Zhandra Entrolezo, BA

Laboratory Technician

LinkedIn Profile

Zhandra is a lifelong animal lover with a soft spot for felines and reptiles. She hopes to be a cat mom soon, but in the meantime keeps company with the mischievous neighborhood kitties.

Alison Trible, BS

Customer Success

LinkedIn Profile

Alison has enjoyed a life filled with amazing rescued pets. Her lab mutt, Albert P. Dog is the joy of her life these days.

Our Story

It takes guts to raise a pet.

Through the messes and the cuddles and the laughter and the scares.

It takes guts to really care.

To ask the big questions and really actually truly understand.

It takes guts to admit you need a little help sometimes.

To reach out to the experts and put your faith in a stranger that cares.

It takes guts to solve big problems using a very unconventional method.

To use poop to make pets happier and healthier.

But that's exactly what we do.

Your pet's waste is the best indicator as to how they're feeling.

And, really, what could matter more?

AnimalBiome is built on a deep understanding of the microbiome.

A healthy gut creates “good poop” and “good poop” prompts thumbs up.

It's easy: instead of tossing your pet’s poop like usual, send it to us.

We analyze it to the extreme, and it tells us what’s happening with them.

If anything is off, we've created a unique gut restoration system to make it right.

We believe that every living thing has the right to feel good.

But it's not just magically going to happen.

We've got to be proactive.

We've got to take the step.

We've got to have guts to feel good.

AnimalBiome. Guts to feel good.