AnimalBiome Career Opening

Customer Service Associate

AnimalBiome seeks a part time Customer Service Associate to join our growing team in Oakland, California. The Customer Service Associate will report to the Customer Service Supervisor.

About AnimalBiome

Founded in 2016, AnimalBiome is a biotechnology company working on the cutting-edge of microbiome research. Our products both analyze and restore the gut health of cats and dogs. 

Countless bacteria live in your pet’s gut, collectively termed the gut microbiome. Research has shown that a balanced gut microbiome is essential for pet health and longevity. When a pet’s microbiome is improperly balanced, they are at increased risk for a range of health issues, including those related to digestion, skin, and weight. Managing these health concerns can affect quality of life for pets and pet parents. 

At AnimalBiome, we use carefully-screened stool from healthy cats and dogs to restore the microbiomes of sick pets. Our products include a unique Microbiome Test, a Gut Health Restoration Supplement (oral capsules), and a Microbiome Restoration System bundle to test microbiome before and after completing the course of capsules.

About the Position

The Customer Service Associate position will be based in Oakland, California. Our office is approximately a 20 minute walk away from MacArthur and 19th Street BART stations. This is an hourly full-time position of 40 hours/week with a flexible work schedule. Salary commensurate with experience.

Applicants should be comfortable with the presence of canine and feline fecal material, though no direct contact with feces will be expected.

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Answering the office telephone: redirecting calls and voicemails to the appropriate staff members
  • Solving customer experience inquiries in our Zendesk customer experience system, as well as over the phone
  • Developing and documenting best practices for customer experience and external relations
  • Updating FAQ content in the organization’s “Knowledge Center” (FAQ database) to be in sync with product changes and customer needs
  • Interfacing with customers in other capacities as needed, such as representing AnimalBiome at customer-facing events or leading other external relations projects
  • 20% or less of the position will also consist of "lab work", such as sorting & cataloging vials of patient samples or taking an inventory of sealed bottles of capsules

Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior academic/professional knowledge in animal science, health, and behavior
  • Prior experience in customer service, especially on virtual platforms
  • Current or past experience with pet ownership or care
  • Prior experience working in the veterinary field
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Biology or a related field

Apply Now

A candidate will ideally be selected to start in October 2018, but the position will remain open on a rolling basis until filled. For consideration, please complete the application below:

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