Room for Two Kitties and a Lot More

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I was still utterly heartbroken ten days after saying goodbye to my girlkitty of 19 years, Evi, when Bo and his sister Ellie came knocking at my door with their little travel bags. My new cats. Did I want new cats yet? No I did not! I wanted live in my grief, honor the memory of my Evi, then do some traveling which hadn't been possible while I was administering intensive TLC in the last couple years of my Evi's life. I needed a break from taking care of others.

But this sweet 4-year-old pair of littermates urgently needed a new home (due to their dad being shipped overseas) or they'd be surrendered to a shelter where who knows what their fate would have been. I couldn't offer them my heart just yet, but I could offer them a safe, warm, cozy home where they could stay together, regular meals, toys, boxes, bags, beds, and kindness. I had to.

black cat in garden with gray cat in background - AnimalBiome

Extraordinarily Smelly Poo

My new boykitty Bo had one extra-special quirk: extraordinarily smelly poo. The kind that had me pulling my shirt over my nose and frantically throwing open all the doors and windows. Bo soon became part of the AnimalBiome family, and thankfully this particular quirk of his was fixed with a single course of those magic poo pills.

Bo and Ellie have revealed themselves to be full of adorable quirks and charms...

My BoBo is a big, funny, sweet, sensitive, glossy solid jet-black cat. He  announces his arrival into whatever room I'm in with three VERY LOUD wide-eyed meows, to which I reply "Welcome to the room, BoBo!" That satisfies him. When he's out back on his catio and hears me return home, he thunders into and across the house all the way to the front door, MEOWING up a storm the entire time. What a dramatic welcome home I get! When he wants to be scratched, he looks up at me with half-closed eyes and the sweetest little tilt of the head, then as my hand nears his head he pushes up to meet it. He brings his stuffed crocodile to my bedroom door after I go to bed every night. He requests that I chase him around the house by positioning himself a few feet from me, faced away, back arched, head curved round to give me that wide-eyed invitation. When I see that position I'm required to drop everything and chase him in circles. He's a sensitive boy who likes lots of eye contact and gentle pets only. As he walks around me he wraps his tail tightly against my legs. Bo loves to attack the shadows the birds at my birdfeeder cast on the curtains... so much that one curtain is rather in shreds now. But it's OK, he has so much fun doing this and you've just got to love your cats more than your furniture.

It's been nearly a year and a half since they showed up on my doorstep with their little bags, and I am thankful for them every day.

My Ellie Mae has the softest gray bunny rabbit fur with silvery paws, fluffy cheeks, round head, and round eyes. She emits enchanting little chirpy mews and trills. I keep sheets of crinkly tissue gift wrap in the middle of my living room because I discovered her favorite activity is to run and leap into the pile, making lots of crinkly noise and sliding as far as she can. She'll head-butt the hand scooping the food into her bowl so hard that she knocks the food right out of the hand. She needs me to sit with her while she eats... she'll come meowing for food while I'm working in my home office, and I'll walk her to the kitchen and point out that she has PLENTY OF FOOD. She says sheepishly "I know, I just wanted you to watch me eat" and then proceeds to eat. I'm required to sit with her till she's finished. When I hold her, she nestles her face into the crook of my elbow and purrs her sweet girly purrs.

It's been nearly a year and a half since they showed up on my doorstep with their little bags, and I am thankful for them every day. Those ten days in a catless house felt... too quiet, too clean. Still. Lifeless. These furry little beings crack me up with their antics, and melt my heart with their sweetness. I still miss Evi like crazy, but these two have found their own special spots in my heart. Turns out there's room for a lot of kitties in there.

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