Goodbye Food Allergies, Hello Play Training!

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Here is a story from Angelica Steinker, founder of the Courteous Canine Inc., the premier dog training school in Tampa, Florida.

This is Power, a seven-year-old purebred Border Collie who up until recently has continuously suffered from both environmental and food allergies. As a result, he would experience rapid weight loss and frequent vomiting. A friend of mine found out about AnimalBiome's unique therapies. I consulted with my vet and she approved of Power making use of AnimalBiome's Gut Microbiome Restoration System. Three days into the treatment, Power became incredibly happy and his food allergy problems disappeared.

Goodbye Food Allergies

Dog Food Allergies - How to Help

Power is from On Target Border Collies. His dad is the very famous Sooner. (I’m grateful to Lisa Kronz for allowing me to have him.) Power is an extremely social, happy and friendly dog that loves to work and play. He is a purebred Border Collie, but his coloring is like his dad's blue merle rather than the more common black and white. This color is often associated with Aussies, however, you can observe that Power has a tail and that his ears are prick which is consistent with Border Collie breed standards. An interesting tidbit is that the Aussie's blue merle likely came in part from the Border Collies that were used to create the Aussie breed.

Hello Play Training

When I started Courteous Canine, Inc., my vision was to provide play training, focusing on positive reinforcement and maximizing fun to strengthen the relationship between dog and human. Now 18 years later, Courteous Canine, Inc., is the largest group-class school in the Tampa Bay Area. Two training centers that focused on violent methods, including shock collar training and advocated sharpening prong collars until they could pierce the dog’s skin are no longer in business. Consumers have chosen fun over violence and I couldn’t be happier. Dog training is an unregulated industry. The myth of domineering your dog as “an alpha” continues to damage relationships. This myth endures despite numerous attempts by researchers who conducted the original studies on wolf packs to abandon this misguided term. Wolfs actually form cooperative families with fluid systems, not ridged abusive hierarchies. There is a passionate debate within the dog training community as to whether our profession should be regulated. If this means ending physically and mentally abusive methods, those of us already advocating non-violent methods would welcome regulation.

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Angelica Steinker is the founder of Courteous Canine, Inc. She sits on the steering committee of the Pet Professionals Guild and is a founding member of this cutting edge association for force-free trainers and animal professionals. She co-founded DogNostics Career College a pet care, dog training and dog behavior trade school (, where she also serves as a faculty member.