9 Tips to Help Your Pet on the 4th of July

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Firework displays during the Fourth of July can be highly stressful for dogs and cats. The loud bangs, whistles and explosive sounds can hurt their ears and frighten even the bravest of pets.

9 Tips to Help Your Pet on the 4th of July

Many pets are so terrified of fireworks that they escape from homes, yards or kennels due to panic and anxiety. Every year, animal shelters see a surge in lost pets on the Fourth of July and the days surrounding it. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help comfort your pet and decrease the anxiety caused by fireworks and neighborhood celebrations.

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Check out these tips to help your pet cope during the Fourth.

  1. Keep your pets indoors with closed windows and close the dog/cat door, if you have one.
  2. Make sure your pet’s collar is on and all identification tags are updated with your current contact information. Ensure your pet’s microchip is registered online. Many lost pets are never returned to their owners because the microchip information wasn’t registered or updated after leaving the shelter. Registering your pet’s microchip is free and easy: www.freepetchipregistry.com
  3. Comfort your pet with a blanket, a swaddling shirt, or have them go into an indoor crate if that’s a familiar, secure place for them. 
  4. Turn on music or the television to help distract them from the noise outside.
  5. Don’t leave your dog alone during fireworks and never leave your dog in a car due to summer heat.
  6. Try to tucker out your furbaby by taking them out for exercise in the morning.
  7. Feed them in the hours before the festivities begin so they are more willing to eat.
  8. If your dog has severe noise aversion, you may want to ask your veterinarian about different treatment options that will temporarily alleviate your pet’s anxiety.
  9. Be vigilant the morning after the Fourth. Pets may chew on firework debris, which can be toxic. Be sure to clean up any residue before allowing them to roam on your property.
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We hope this list offers some helpful tips. You can read more Fourth of July Safety Tips from the ASPCA.

From everyone at AnimalBiome, have a Happy & Safe 4th of July!

If your pet has symptoms of ongoing anxiety that interferes with their daily life, check out our blog article, Have an Anxious Pet? Anxiety & Dog-Cat Gut Health.

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