Oral Health System

An AnimalBiome and Primal Health Product

NEW oral microbiome-based products to help keep your dog’s mouth healthy!

The World's 1st Oral Microbiome Test

AnimalBiome is pairing up with Primal Health, the makers of TEEF!, a drinkable prebiotic, to bring you an easy way to support and track the oral health of your fur-friend.

An easy at-home test allows you to understand the present status of your dog’s oral microbiome by identifying the “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria that are associated with gum disease. And TEEF! is an award-winning, veterinarian-approved daily dental care regimen. It works below the gumline to target the root cause of gum disease. Just add to your dog’s water bowl.

The Oral Health System includes:

  • Two Oral Health Tests (test before and after using TEEF!)
  • A 30-day supply of TEEF! a drinkable prebiotic

It’s simple, safe, and science-backed. Say goodbye to smelly dog breath and hello to a healthier mouth. Good oral health and a balanced oral microbiome can add years to your dog’s life! 

Here’s How It Works:

Before Test

Collect a sample before using TEEF! Using the swab provided in the kit, swab the outside of your dog’s gumline on the top and bottom of your dog's mouth.


Add one scoop of TEEF! for every quart of water to your dog’s drinking water. Use it for a minimum of 14 days.

After Test

Collect a sample after using TEEF! Swab your dog’s gumline to test for changes in their oral microbiome after using TEEF!

Using carefully developed, science-backed methods, AnimalBiome’s Oral Health Tests will detect all bacteria in the mouth, including those known to be associated with gum disease. Each test identifies the types and proportions of bacteria in your dog’s mouth. In addition, the tests compare your dog’s oral bacterial community before using TEEF! to their bacterial community after using TEEF! for at least 2 weeks. This combination of oral microbiome testing along with using TEEF! in your pup's water will allow you to see if your dog's oral health can be supported and improved using TEEF!, or if it's time to schedule a dental examination with your veterinarian. Get a full report on your dog’s oral microbiome and determine next steps with your veterinarian.

In 2020, prioritize your dog’s oral health.
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More About TEEF!

TEEF! is a human-grade prebiotic powder you add to your dog’s drinking water. It’s a safe, easy way to keep your dog’s mouth healthy between veterinary cleanings, and it actually targets the root cause of gum disease—the overgrowth of those inflammation-causing bacteria. 

The patented prebiotic formula, Protektin42, packs a quadruple-action punch to the bacteria in the mouth to balance the oral microbiome. The four key components are soluable fiber, vitamin B6, sodium bicarbonate, and amino acids. This balance promotes strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath.

TEEF! works best in conjunction with daily toothbrushing and regular cleanings by a veterinarian.

What Is The Oral Microbiome?

Just as the gut houses a diverse community of bacteria, collectively called the gut microbiome, the mouth—at the very beginning of the digestive tract—has its own community of bacteria, known as the oral microbiome. A balanced oral microbiome is crucial to maintain a healthy mouth and support your pet’s overall health.

Bacteria in the mouth can be divided into two main categories:

  1. Beneficial bacteria normally found in healthy mouths that live on the surfaces of the cheeks, tongue, gums, and teeth, and
  2. Disease-associated bacteria that live in pockets in the gums. Disease-associated bacteria contribute to inflammation and gum disease in dogs.

When disease-associated “bad” bacteria get underneath the gums they begin to overpower the beneficial “good” bacteria in your pet’s mouth. If left untreated over a length of time, the “bad” bacteria outweigh the “good” bacteria and this causes an imbalance in the oral microbiome. This imbalance leads to gum disease.

About Gum Disease

By the age of three, 80% of all dogs have some degree of gum disease. Smaller breeds tend to have more oral health problems than larger dogs, mostly because they drink less water (which washes some bacteria out of the mouth) and produce less saliva (which contains natural antimicrobial agents). Saliva plays important roles in a healthy mouth. It washes away food particles, starts digesting starch, neutralizes harmful acids produced by bacteria, protects against foreign bacteria, and prevents unhealthy bacterial and fungal overgrowth. Age is a big factor, too. Dogs and humans both tend to develop more dental disease as they get older.

When bacteria eat sugar (a carbohydrate), they excrete acid, which attacks the protective mucous membrane lining of the mouth and creates tiny holes, making it “leaky.” When bad bacteria pass through those microscopic holes they’ve made in the gum tissue, they trigger an overactive response from the immune system, which leads to inflammation—in other words, red, sore, infected gums.

The acidic waste of those bacteria is also stinky. That’s why the first sign of gum disease that a dog parent notices is usually bad breath. 

Why Gum Disease Can Be Life-Threatening

An unhealthy mouth doesn’t just cause bad breath. As gum disease progresses, it can cause pain, lead to tooth loss, and require expensive dental procedures. Even worse, gum disease can lead to other serious health problems, including heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, and dementia. Bad bacteria in the mouth produce compounds that cause inflammation throughout the body, and chronic inflammation has been found to be a main contributor in many diseases. Because the effects of gum disease extend far beyond the mouth, it can end up shortening a dog’s life by as much as three to five years.

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